The Three Stooges Gravesite Tour

At first, I hesitated about putting this section in my homage to the boys. After all, noboby wants to remember them in any way other than on the silver screen. However, something about a year ago changed my mind...

My Australian pal, Joel Gallagher told me that he was hopping on a plane and traveling to the states to take a Stooge Tour. This peaked my interest in a big way. I thought to myself..."Wow, I actually live here in the states and I've never even flown out to a Stooges' site." What a slacker I was. Joel was boarding a plane to fly to Philly, New York, and Los Angeles to see every Stooge site there is to see, and I'm sitting here in Texas and never even thought about it.

The most interesting thing about it was that Joel was mainly coming to see the Stooges' Gravesites. I thought to myself,, that's a bit morbid isn't it? But then realized, I would go see the gravesites if I were in the vicinity. So why not? With that said, I quickly hopped on the Information Superhighway and did a search for Three Stooges Gravesites. I found several links and sort of combined them for you here.

Although, this section is a bit darker than other Three Stooges landmarks, I hope you enjoy paying your respects to the boys here in the gravesite tribute.

Oh, and boys...if you're watching down right now, with true respect.....R.I.P.


Click on the Stooge Picture below to visit that Stooges' Gravesite: