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Columbia Shorts 1940



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Rl. Jan. 19 / Prod. No. 472 / 18 m / p d Jules White / st scr Clyde Bruckman and Felix Adler / ph Harry Davis / e Arthur Seid / C: Dick Curtis (Mr. Onay), Don Beddoe (Amscray), Richard Fiske (Ixnay/2nd Delegate), Florine Dickson (Miss Pfiffernuss), Little Billy (Midget Gestapo), John Tyrell (Mr. Bones, Minister of Oomphola), Joe Murphy (Peasant), Lorna Gray (Mattie Herring) and Bert Young (Storm Trooper)

SYN: The kingdom of Moronica is in financial trouble. The king wants peace but the only way the country can thrive economically is to go to war. Three cabinet members (Onay, Amscray, and Ixnay) decide to oust the King, and replace him with a dictator stupid enough to follow their every command. In another room are three brainless paperhangers: Hailstone (Moe), Pebble (Larry), and Gallstone (Curly). Mr. Amscray, one of the cabinet advisors, appoints Moe as Dictator, Larry as Minister of Propoganda and Curly as Field Marshall. What follows is the burning of "bookmakers," the march on Bolognia, the conquest of Starvania, and the famous Peace conference of Oomphola, where Moe argues for the corridor through Double-Crossia. The Stooges end up appeasing their way to success, and display a their very capable talents for satire.

Quick Hits:

- Did you know that with this short, the Stooges' theme music officially changed to "Three Blind Mice." Previously the studio used a variation of "Listen to the Mockingbird."


WT: Oh, You Nazty Spy! SD: 4 (W 12/6 to SA 12/9/39) / FN: Moe Howard's and Jules White's favorite two-reeler, as well, one of Larry Fine's favorites.