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Columbia Shorts 1946



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Rl. June 20 / Prod. No. 4058 / 171/2 m / p Hugh McCollum / d st scr Edward Bernds / ph Philip Tannura / e Paul Borofsky / a Charles Clague / C: Kenneth McDonald (Dr. Mallard), Fred Kelsey (Smiling Sam McGinn), Snub Pollard (Mr. Gramble), Jean Donahue (Nurse Shapely), Cy Schindell (Clarence), Rocky Woods (Roland) and Wade Crosby (George)

SYN: The Stooges are electricians who manage to wreck the first place in which they work. Fired and out of work, Curly suggests that they go somewhere for a nice, long rest. They end up checking in at Dr. Mallards Rest Home and Clinic (whose owner is soaking his patients for every nickle they have). When the Stooges discover that the rest home is being run by a group of two-bit gangsters, they decide to scram. They collide with a man in a wheelchair (Mr. Grimble) and land on his bad foot. He jumps up claiming that the Stooges have healed him and chases after them to offer a $1,000 reward for their great work. When he catches up to the Stooges and plants the cash on them, they immediately start spending it in their minds. Curly makes the wonderful suggestion that they take a nice long vacation, where they can have a nice, long rest!

Quick Hits:

- Two special effects in the film were achieved as follows: a smoke tube was hidded in Larry's hand when he feels Curly's burning forehead, and compressed air pipes were used to blow Moe's hair upwards.

- Did you know that this short marked the debut of actor Kenneth McDonald. In addition, McDonald frequently played the judge on the popular Perry Mason television series.

SD: 4 (W 1/30 to SA 2/2/46) / WT: Sanitarium Stooge / FN: Unlike the finished film, in the first draft script of Monkey Businessmen, the Stooges are janitors who end up repairing the electricity at the gymnasium of Simone's Body Beautiful, where their motto is: "Trade in Your Old Curves for New Ones. Whistles Guaranteed or Your Money Back." A remake of Mutiny on the Body (1938), with Smith and Dale.




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