Slap Count:
Total Number of Goofs Found:
Stooge Occupation:
Medical Interns
Moe Insults:
None (believe it or not)
Human Physiology, A relentless intercom system
Key Gags/Songs:
The stooges jump to respond to an incessant intercom system, first by bicycle, next by horseback and finally miniature go-karts.
Misc. Acts of Violence:
The stooges wield pistols and shoot the intercom

Memorable Quotes:

Intercom: "Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!"
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Rl. Sep. 28 / Prod. No. 152 / 19 m / d Raymond McCary / st scr Felix Adler / ph Benjamin Kline / e James Sweeney / C: Dell Henderson (Dr. Graves), Jeanie Roberts (Hiccupping Nurse), Ruth Hiatt (Whispering Nurse), Billy Gilbert (D.T. Patient), Little Billy (Himself), Bud Jamison (Doctor), Hank Mann (Laborer), Bobby Callahan (Messenger), Phyllis Crane (Anna Conda), Arthur West, Joe Mills (Bit Men), Irene Coleman, Carmen Andre, Helen Splane, Kay Hughes, Eve Reynolds, Eve Kimberly, Lucile Watson, Billie Stockton, Betty Andre (Bit Nurses), Arthur Rankin, Neal Burns, Joe Fine, Charles Dorety (Attendants) and Charles King (Anesthesiologist)

SYN: At the Los Arms Hospital, three brainless interns - Doctors Howard, Fine and Howard - promise Dr. Graves, the hospital superintendant, that they will devote the rest of their lives to the glorious cause of "duty and humanity." This crazy short subject film goes off the deep end with it's zany style of humor and wacky one-liners. The Stooges break the glass out of poor Dr. Graves office every time they leave it, and then scamper off into the hospital on bicycles, horseback, and go karts. This is truly a short-film unlike any other. Hey, have you ever seen an apple with the skin on the inside???

Quick Hits:

- Did you know that this first "official" Three Stooges comedy was their only short to be nominated for an Academy Award as Best Short Subject.


SD: 4 (W 8/29 to SA 9/1/34) / FN: On August 8, 1934, Columbia moved its comedy department from Gower Street to California Studio on Beechwood Drive. In "Men in Black", the Stooges ad-libbed the bizarre medical terminology for their surgical instruments, and several scenes were also cut from Felix Adler's script, including an alternate ending in which the Stooges meet Nell, "their" girl. She turns out to be siamese triplets!

Final Thoughts:

This short film gives a whole new meaning to the word "Bizarre." I won't say whether that's a good or a bad thing as I really haven't figured that one out yet. It always leaves you wondering what the writers were thinking and if they might have been out in the back lot sniffing glue in between takes. But on a seatbelt for this one, you'll need it.

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