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Columbia Shorts 1947



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Rl. March 6 / Prod. No. 4071 / 17 m / p Hugh McCollum / d Edward Bernds / st scr Clyde Bruckman / ph Phillip Tannura / e Paul Borofsky / a Charles Clague / C: Harold Brauer (Big Mike), Dick Wessel (Chopper Kane), Cy Schindell (Moose), Claire Carleton (Kitty Davis), Sammy Stein (Gorilla's Trainer), Tommy Kingston (Chuck), Dave Harper (1st Cop) and Stanley Blystone (2nd Cop)

SYN: Larry, Moe, and Shemp are Chopper Kane's managers. They receive word from "Big Mike", a two-bit gangsters, that their boxer better taste the mat or else! The boys concoct a plan to get Chopper in the worst shape ever by overfeeding him junk food and bringing his new girlfriend Kitty around the gym. They figure that since he's so "ga-ga" over Kitty, he won't train and he'll be like putty in their hands when the day of the fight comes around. The plans appears to be working swell until the night of the fight when Chopper learns that Kitty has dumped him for the challenger Gorilla Watson. The boys are in trouble again until shortly afterward Gorilla Watson gets angered and accidentally punches a brick wall breaking his hand. The Stooges assume this is a blessing in disguise...with a broken hand, Gorilla Watson won't be able to fight and they'll have to cancel the match. WRONG! In walks Big Mike and his boys who take the boys for a ride "A one-way ride" to a warehouse where he has big plans for a fight of his own.

Quick Hits:

- Did you know that this was Shemp's personal favorite short, as well as his first short back with the team as "The Three Stooges". He was with the team originally before Curly in the days of Ted Healy.

- The first draft screenplay for Fright Night was completed by Clyde Bruckman on May 24, 1946, featuring Curly, even though he had suffered his stroke 18 days earlier.

FN: The short was later remade as Fling in the Ring (1/6/55). The gag of acting as a puppeteer for an unconcious victim was also staged in Matri-Phony (7/2/42) and Fling in the Ring (1/6/55).