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Columbia Shorts 1956



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Rl. April 5 / Prod. No. 4238 / 16 m / p d Jules White / st Felix Adler / scr Jack White / ad Willard Sheldon / ph Irving Lippman / e Harold White / a Cary Odell / C: Vernon Dent (Insurance Adjuster, in stock footage), Beverly Thomas, Barbara Bartay (Chorus Girls), Mary Ainslee (Mary, in stock footage), Bonnie Menjum (Chorus Girl), Don Harvey (Jack), David Bond (Svengarlic), Frank Sully (Jim), Dick Alexander (Fat Cop) and Jimmy Lloyd (Cliff, in stock footage)

SYN: A partial remake of Hocus Pocus. In this version, it is never established that wheelchair-bound Mary is scheming to defraud the Calamity Insurance Company. Instead, the bad guy is the hypnotist The Great Svengarlic, who is in cahoots with a crew of bank robbers. The Stooges still fall off a skyscraper flagpole, but instead of foiling Mary's insurance scam, they break up a robbery in progress at the Gottrox Jewelry Company.

Quick Hits:

- A remake of Hocus Pocus. New scenes include establishing Svengarlic's crooked motives and the Stooges' encountering three chorus girls. Doubles fill in as Mary and Dick.

SD: 2 (TH 6/30 and F 7/1/55) Shot on Stage 3 at Columbia. / FN: A reworking of Hocus Pocus (5/5/49), using stock footage.




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