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Columbia Shorts 1941



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Rl. Mar. 21 / Prod. No. 485 / 17 m / p Del Lord and Hugh McCollum / d Del Lord / st scr Elwood Ullman / ph Benjamin Kline / e Arthur Seid / C: Vernon Dent (Wilson, the magazine editor), Bud Jamison (Vulgarian Sgt.), James C. Morton (Captain), Bruce Bennett (Percival), Chester Conklin (Waiter) and Fred Kelsey (Colonel)

SYN: Moe, Larry, and Curly - photographers Click, Clack, and Cluck for Whack Magazine ("If it's a good picture, it's out of WHACK!")- are sent to Vulgaria to snap a picture of an invisible ray machine, the country's top-secret military marvel. Inside Vulagaria, however, where cameras are forbidden under the penalty of death, police arrest the Stooges and quickly have them lined up for execution. But before meeting their maker the trio ask to make a last request: a final smoke. Their request is granted and Curly proceeds to pull out a cigar the size of a baseball bat that takes several hours to finish. While the soldiers are sleeping, the Stooges escape and find their way to the Colonel's office, mistaking the invisible ray machine for a new camera. The Stooges are interrupted by the Vulgs, however, and quickly hide under the lampposts and inside the radio where Curly has to improvise as a radio announcer. They have to make a rapid exit, then, disguised as Vulgarian soldiers, the Stooges take refuge in a local commissary, where Curly has his bouts with, and eventually unloads his gun on a bowl of live oyster stew.

Quick Hits:

- Did you know the scene where Curly battles with a live oyster in his stew was first created for silent screen comic Billy Bevan in the short Wandering Willies (1926) directed by Del Lord.

FN: Almost every comedian has performed the oyster gag: Lou Costello in Keep 'Em Flying (1941) and The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap (1948), both features and the 14th episode of Abbott and Costello's TV series, entitled "Hungry". The Stooges repeated the gag in Income Tax Sappy (2/4/54), Shivering Sherlocks (1/8/48) and Of Cash and Hash (2/3/55), using clams in the last two.






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