The STOOGEWORLD "Censored Stooges" Page

Well, here you go. Yet another interesting addition to StoogeWorld. This section, appropriately called the "Censored Stooges" section is another cool addition by 'Stooge'. He is a serious Stooge fan who has seen the Stooges shorts so many times, that he began to notice a trend. A trend of Goofs, Sloppy Cuts, and of course Missing sections. This "Censored Stooges" area is a compilation of the missing sections. Missing, or otherwise edited I should say...Sections of a Stooge's short that for whatever reason got cut out from the original film.

Many times when films are edited for television, you'll notice minor changes to the edited version. Sometimes, the changes are more than minor, but nonetheless, there are changes. This is a list noting many of the changes that he has noticed over the years.

-The StoogeWorld Webdude

Unless otherwise noted...the following scenes were edited and shown on the "Family Channel"

WOMAN HATERS (1934): 1) Larry and Mary arriving on the train and talking about their marriage, followed by them both singing "My Life, My Love, My All". 2) Curly and Larry fighting on the train and the conductor breaking it up. 3) A very small part where Mary says to herself "I guess the way to settle this matter is to attend to it myself!" I have no idea why that last part was cut.

PUNCH DRUNKS (1934): The entire scene where the Stooges are outside and help a woman with her car stuck in a ditch was missing on Family Channel's "Stooge TV" program. However, this whole short was shown uncut on their "Wild Weekend" series.

MEN IN BLACK (1934): 1) Curly woo-woo-wooing on a stretcher. 2) The first scene with the hiccupping nurse. 3) The scene with the fresh little girl.

THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934): 1) The beginning of the scene with the Stooges begging passers-by for money. The edited version would cut from Joe Stacks and his gang leaving to find the football players to a close-up of the Boulder Dam College sign. 2) The first part of the scene where the Stooges meet the three girls.

HORSES’ COLLARS (1935): 1) The Stooges meeting up with Nell and planning their scheme on how to get the I.O.U. from Double Deal Decker. 2) The first part of the dancing scene. Those two edits were made on "Stooge TV", while Family Channel showed this uncut on "Wild Weekend".

RESTLESS KNIGHTS (1935): 1) The Stooges contemplating on which one of the four chambermaids each of them will have. 2) The middle of the wrestling scene where Moe accidentally head-butts Larry, Moe and Curly knock him out, then they wrestle each other. With this cut, the edited version went from a close-up of the queen as we hear Curly woo-wooing off-camera to a shot of Moe and Curly shaking hands, and you wonder why Larry is suddenly lying unconscious on the floor behind them!

POP GOES THE EASEL (1935): 1) The Stooges trying to help a French artist with his painting. 2) The Stooges disguising as foreigners to fool the cop.

UNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935): 1) Moe and Larry trying to save the drowning Curly with a lifesaver. 2) Curly running around the woods, worried that he's lost "all by himself". 3) The entire scene with the Stooges accidentally adding a potholder to a cake and coughing up feathers non-stop after eating the cake. 4) After the close-up of the black baby, Major Filburt saying "Looks like you, does he?" and half of Moe's "We had him at the beach all summer; he got quite sunburned!" was missing on AMC and Illinois' WCIU station. The edited version would go from the close-up of the black baby to Moe saying "…ummer, he got quite sunburned!"

PARDON MY SCOTCH (1935): 1) The Stooges throwing grapes in the singer's throat. 2) The Stooges doing their "Lowland Shim" dance.

HOI POLLOI (1935): 1) Larry losing his shoe while dancing and trying to find it on the dance floor. 2) Curly hides a bottle of champagne in his back pocket. When he bows down to a woman afterwards, an angry Moe kicks the back of Curly's bottle, and the champagne goes spraying out the bottle and into the woman's face. 3) Each time after Curly's dancing partner bumps into him, Curly bounces back up off the floor due to the spring on his behind.

THREE LITTLE BEERS (1935): 1) For some reason, the brief shot of Moe attaching the tongs to a beer barrel and saying "Take it away!" to Curly. 2) Curly uses a golf-ball washer to wash his clothes. 3) On Family Channel's "Wild Weekend" program, the last two edits were left in, but another pointless edit was made, where Curly asks "How are we gonna shoot golfs without guns?" followed by Moe pulling Curly away by the nose.

ANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936): 1) A mouse flies down the back of a lady's dress and Curly and Larry try to get it out. 2) Larry feeding Curly rat poison. 3) The Stooges at the banquet table. 4) In the scene where Curly and Moe are hiding under the bed and Moe puts his finger under Curly's nose to prevent him from sneezing, the screen suddenly turns black for about two seconds while audio still plays. I've seen this blackout edited different ways on different stations. On Family Channel, they hid the blackout by showing a freeze-frame of Moe with his finger under Curly's nose. On AMC, they slowed down the footage of Moe with his finger under Curly's nose while the audio still played at normal speed. And on Illinois' UPN station, the whole shot with Moe's finger under Curly's nose was cut out altogether.

MOVIE MANIACS (1936): 1) Curly lighting a stove and waiting for it to explode. 2) Curly doing an impression of John Barrymore and Larry impersonating a leading lady and asking Curly to kiss him. 3) Curly asking "How are we gonna get in pictures? We know nothin' about movies!" and Moe responding "There's a couple of people in pictures NOW who know nothin' about it. Three more won't make a difference!" 4) The Stooges each demonstrating their kissing techniques on showgirls was not only edited on Family Channel, but is almost ALWAYS edited on TV ever since the Stooges were first aired on TV in 1959. The only channels I saw this unedited on were Illinois' UPN and WCIU stations. 5) On AMC, parts of Curly and Larry acting as the leading man and lady's arms was cut, including Curly stuffing a dollar bill into the front of the lady's dress.

HALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936): After being put in charge of the Stooges, Sgt. MacGillicuddy gets revenge on them by making them sit on a breakaway bench, then after the Stooges stick their heads in a trough of water, he sticks a gun in the trough and fires a gun, nearly deafening the Stooges. Then in the next scene where the Stooges have a meeting with the general, they have a hard time hearing what he and each other are saying. All of this was gone on "Stooge TV", but Family Channel left those scenes in "Wild Weekend" and edited another scene there instead, where Curly accidentally knocks over a pile of loving cups that MacGillicuddy has to clean.

DISORDER IN THE COURT (1936): Moe accidentally swallows a whistle, and Curly and Larry play his ribs like an accordion.

A PAIN IN THE PULLMAN (1936): 1) The Stooges packing their huge suitcase, and then trying to sneak out the apartment past the landlady. 2) Most of the crab-eating scene. 3) Some parts of the Stooges trying to get into their berth, such as Larry stepping on a man's face to boost himself up, and Curly standing on a pile of suitcases, then falling down on Moe and Larry. 4) All of the scenes with the drunk guy on the train, including the part where he cuts the monkey's tail with a pair of scissors. So the edited version would have the monkey yelling his head off for no apparent reason.

SLIPPERY SILKS (1936): The Stooges first arriving at Madame De France.

GRIPS, GRUNTS AND GROANS (1937): 1) The entire first half of the locker room scene with the Stooges trying to revive Bustoff only to end up knocking him out again with a locker and dumbbells. 2) Bustoff's manager telling the Stooges (behind a closed locker room door) that Bustoff's match is on next, and Curly coming out of the locker room dressed as Bustoff with a towel over his head to hide his face.

DIZZY DOCTORS (1937): 1) The beginning with the Stooges sleeping, waking up, eating, then going back to sleep, all in only 5 minutes. The edited short instead opened up with the Stooges' wives walking in the house after the Stooges have gone back to sleep. 2) Curly asking a man with his back turned on the camera if he can rub oil on him, only to have the man turn towards Curly and reveal that "he's" a woman. 3) Moe accidentally putting a hole in a man's shoe with Brighto. 4) On "Wild Weekend", Family Channel cut the parts where the Stooges ride around the hospital on a gurney and when they take over the loudspeaker.

3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937): Most of the hat shop scene.

BACK TO THE WOODS (1937): A huge part of this short where Larry gets captured by the Indians and Moe and Curly have to disguise themselves as Indians and knock out the other Indians to save Larry. With this scene gone, the last part of the short doesn't make much sense: we see the Stooges, dressed as pilgrims, running away. Then it suddenly cuts to the Stooges running from behind a bush, dressed as Indians!

GOOFS AND SADDLES (1937): ) The Stooges flirting with some ladies after entering Longhorn Pete's saloon. 2) During a card game with three friends, Longhorn Pete catches the others cheating and he shoots them off-camera. Yet a scene later in the short was left in here undertakers walk by with the three gamblers' dead bodies under a blanket and Pete explains to the Stooges what happened to them.

CASH AND CARRY (1937): 1) Curly looking in a carton for money, only to get splashed by the water inside of it. 2) When Moe sticks his head in a hole in the wall, Curly knocks down a post, causing many broken pieces of wood to go crashing on Moe's head, trapping him in the wall. Larry helps pull Moe out. 3) Curly accidentally drops a bucket on Moe's head in a hole that Moe and Larry are in. Moe then yanks the rope that Curly is holding, pulling him down into the hole with him and Larry. 4) Moe getting hit constantly with Curly and Larry's shovels as they're digging, including a part where the handle of Larry's shovel sticks in Moe's eye. 5) Some parts of the scene where the Stooges are stealing gold from the treasury.

PLAYING THE PONIES (1937): 1) Curly fishing for a boot and making Filet of Sole with it. 2) A customer tries to eat his food, but a dog next to him is staring at him and growling. The customer asks Moe why the dog is growling at him, and Moe explains "He's mad because you're eatin' out of his plate."

THE SITTER DOWNERS (1937): 1) The disclaimer that shows up at the beginning ("In the Spring, Three Young Men's Fancies Lightly Turn to Thoughts of - You Know!"). Instead, the edited version opened up with the Stooges leaving the flower shop.

TERMITES OF 1938 (1938): The 2nd half of the dinner table scene.

WEE WEE MONSIEUR (1938): 1) To escape their landlord, the Stooges jump out the window and land in a watermelon wagon, resulting in Curly getting his feet stuck in two watermelons. 2) Moe and Larry try to lift Curly up to the palace window, but Curly ends up pulling Moe and Larry back down to the ground. 3) Curly confronting an ugly harem girl. 4) Larry trying to eat a pineapple.

TASSELS IN THE AIR (1938): 1) Moe carrying Larry down the freshly-painted stairs so Larry won't ruin the paint, only to have Moe himself ruin the paint. 2) Curly painting the cuckoo clock. 3) Curly again going mad after seeing tassels for the third time in this short. 4) Mrs. Murch quickly standing up from her freshly-painted chair, causing her skirt to rip off. Yet they still left in the following bit with Curly saying "Looks like something's coming off, too!" (referring to the lady's skirt) That line makes no sense at all in the edited version. 5) The Stooges are hiding behind a tree and Moe punches Curly in the stomach, telling him to get back.

HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938): The Stooges disguising themselves as a tall Indian to try to sneak past the hotel detective.

VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY (1938): 1) Most of the scene with the Stooges giving the professors "Super Service" treatment. 2) They also used to edit out the "Swingin' the Alphabet" scene (which is dumb, since it's the most memorable and popular part of the short), but restored it after a while, probably because they got so many complaints about it.

THREE MISSING LINKS (1938): 1) Curly tries to pull a tent rope, but it breaks and Curly falls backwards and lands on Moe, pushing him into a mud hole. 2) A lion tickles the Stooges' feet as they're sleeping.

MUTTS TO YOU (1938): 1) The Stooges sneaking the baby past the landlord. 2) Moe and Larry notice that Curly made diaper cut-outs with the bed blanket, so Moe demonstrates what he's going to do with Curly by slapping Larry. 3) Supposedly during one airing of this short, AMC cut out the ending with the baby being spanked by the machine. However, I haven't seen this edit myself and I watched several of the following airings of this short on AMC after hearing the ending was cut, and in those airings, the ending was intact. Maybe it was just a one-time edit.

THREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS (1939): Curly's pantomime to Moe and Larry through the window in prison was shortened.

WE WANT OUR MUMMY (1939): Way too many edits to mention! I don't know exactly what the heck Family Channel was up to when they edited this short. It was all cut to ribbons and had half its footage edited out, making it last for about 6 or 7 minutes. And the edits were unbelievably sloppy as if a monkey, baby, or drunken person did the censoring, and this resulted in the short not making much sense. Anybody watching this would know there's something not right. Even the opening and closing title cards were also shabbily cut in half. They completely butchered this short.

A DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939): 1) Larry sees a duck and, not knowing its on Moe's back, fires his rifle at it and ends up shooting Moe in the back. 2) Curly tries to shoot a duck that's on his head, but misses the duck and narrowly misses his own head.

YES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA (1939): The opening scene with Moe, Larry, and the three waitresses singing together. The edited version instead opened with Curly riding on a scooter.

SAVED BY THE BELLE (1939): 1) Moe notices two sleeping men and says "Here's a couple of live wire prospects." Curly feels the pulse of one of the sleeping men and says "This one won't be interested; I think he's dead!" 2) The beginning of the scene at the general's office, where Rita keeps winking at Curly, but Moe thinks that he's the one who she's making at pass. 3) The Stooges try to take off in their car, but realize that their wheels have been stolen. 4) Singapore Joe lets the Stooges have a meal as a reward for giving him the map. The Stooges sit down at the table and remove the platters only to reveal plates of bones! (a clip from that scene of the Stooges covering their faces in disappointment used to be shown in the closing sequence for "Stooge TV") 5) Curly mistakes a hand grenade in the back of the truck for a pineapple and tries to eat it!

CALLING ALL CURS (1939): 1) The first scene with the Stooges in this short, where Curly accidentally swallows soap and then drinks water, followed by him coughing up bubbles. 2) Curly's fight with a dog bone sandwich.

OILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939): 1) Curly trying to cut a little saw in half with a bigger saw. 2) Curly's battle with a wagon door.

THREE SAPPY PEOPLE (1939): The beginning of the dinner table scene, including a part where Curly mistakes a powder puff for a biscuit and, after eating it, coughs up powder into the face of the woman sitting next to him.

YOU NAZTY SPY! (1940): 1) The Stooges' speech to Moronica. 2) The Stooges studying the map of Starv-Vania. 3) Moe telling Larry to cut the table into a round shape so they can have a "roundtable" conference. Yet they left in a part a little later in the short where Moe asks Curly "Isn't that half-wit [Larry] finished yet?"

ROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940): 1) The Indian chief and his assistant's comments on the women who are with the Stooges. 2) A bear sneaks into the Stooges' cabin as they're asleep, but Curly scares the bear away with a ferocious bark.

A PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940): 1) Most of the scenes with the black chef. 2) Curly accidentally blow-torches Moe in the behind. Curly then runs away and accidentally knocks the woman of the house into the butler's arms. When Curly sees them, he thinks the wrong thing and says "Don't mind me; I'm only the plumber!" 3) Curly covering up a hole in the floor he made with a rug. Yet the still left in a following part where the judge walks on the rug and falls through the hole. This is similar to one of the edits in WE WANT OUR MUMMY (where they cut Curly covering up a well on the floor with a rug, but left in the bad guys walking on the rug and falling down the well).

NUTTY BUT NICE (1940): The beginning of the Stooges' search for Betty William's father, including the first two times the Stooges bump into and knock down the man carrying pails of beer. Yet they left in the third time they bumped into him, and you wonder why he's so mad afterwards if he only got knocked down once.

HOW HIGH IS UP (1940): Curly slipping off the 98th story of the construction building due to some grease on his feet, and landing on a hot grill on the floor below.

FROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940): 1) Curly, while acting like a dog, sees a pretty woman and starts dancing with her. 2) Moe, Larry, and the cop stop during the chase to make funny faces and goofy noises at a room full of newborn babies.

NO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940): Some parts of the scene where all the guests end up with puckered lips after drinking the punch with alum in it.

COOKOO CAVALIES (1940): 1) Curly does a pantomime of serving drinks to two customers and ends up getting drunk himself. 2) Curly using his head to bust open the door to the saloon. 3) Curly's awkward conversation with one of the Mexican chorus girls. 4) Curly has difficulties in keeping the curlers in Rosita's hair from falling out, so he glues them on and attaches clothespins to them. Yet they left the part later in the film where Curly is shown ripping the curlers out, along with pieces of Rosita's hair.

BOOBS IN ARMS (1940): 1) The entire marching scene. 2) The shot of the Stooges jumping inside the target bags to hide from the sergeant. With this cut, there's no explanation of why the Stooges are shown inside the bags afterwards.

SO LONG, MR. CHUMPS (1941): 1) Most of the beginning scene with the Stooges cleaning up the streets. The edited version opened up on a shot of Curly shuffling his feet as he's sweeping up. 2) On AMC, the original ending title card and theme song for this short was replaced with one from a different 1940-1942 short for some reason. 3) Illinois' WCIU station cuts the part where the Stooge ask the warden if they could borrow his keys, followed by a bit where Curly steals ham from a guard's sandwich and replaces it with paint and the guard eats the sandwich afterwards. The edited result would go from the warden telling the Stooges which cell block to paint, to a shot of the guard making a disgusted face after eating the "paint" sandwich, making it very obvious something was missing.

DUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941): 1) The entire scene inside the darkroom. The edited version just cut from Curly pulling the food off of his face (that Percival DePuyster threw at him) and grunting, to Mr. Wilson's assistant knocking on the darkroom door and asking if the Stooges are ready. As a result of the edit, Curly's grunt from the end of the previous scene overlaps with the cut to the scene with Wilson's assistant. 2) Curly drinking a strong bottle of liquor that causes him to cough up smoke and spin around on his chair.

ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941): The Stooges devour a turkey whole. Then after the meal, they are told to eat spinach. Curly refuses, but Moe throws the spinach toward Curly. Curly ducks and the spinach hits Ajax in the face instead.

I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941): 1) The very long close-up of the map of South Starv-Vania. 2) The Stooges are about to eat turkey, but end up fighting over it. The battle ends with a painting of Napoleon suddenly coming to life and stealing the turkey, then running away with it. 3) Curly gets a phone call asking "Do you have anything on tonight?" Curly responds "No, not a thing." The caller responds "Then you'll catch a cold! Good-bye!" 4) The Bay of Rum teaching Curly how to smoke a water pipe.

AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE (1941): 1) Curly calling the turkey he's cooking "muscle-bound", then removing its "hangnail". 2) Curly's "shaving the ice" routine. 3) Curly accidentally spraying icing all over Moe's face.

IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941): 1) The dancing lessons scene originally used in HOI POLLOI. 2) One part of the pie fight sequence where Curly and a woman he's flirting with get hit with pies. Yet they left in the following part where Curly asks "Who interfered with my romance?!" leaving viewers to wonder what he was referring to.

SOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941): 1) The Stooges arriving at the Winthrop house on their truck and Curly and Larry accidentally hitting Moe in the face with a saw. 2) Curly's fight with a spirit to get the Puckerless Persimmon Tree.

LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942): The entire carpet-laying sequence.

CACTUS MAKES PERFECT (1942): 1) Curly gets caught on a cactus and Moe and Larry have to pull the thorns out of his behind. 2) Moe using a crowbar to try to get Curly's head out of the hole.

WHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942): The beginning with the Stooges entering Shamus O'Brien's office and begin pestering him and his secretary, and the first half of O'Brien's phone conversation with Pedro Alvarez. The edited version goes from an outside shot of O'Brien's office, then cuts abruptly to O'Brien in the middle of yelling at the Stooges while talking on the phone to Alvarez. This edit makes the beginning of the short confusing and doesn't explain why the Stooges are in the office.

MATRI-PHONY (1942): 1) When the Stooges and Diana are brought to the Emperor, all of the bits with the Stooges getting stabbed in the behind by the guards spears was cut, including a part where Curly gets a thorn stuck in his behind. 2) Curly makes a crab sandwich and tries eating it, but the crab pinches him on the nose.

THREE SMART SAPS (1942): The first half of Curly's dancing scene, including a part where he keeps accidentally kicking Moe in the behind, so Moe kicks him in the stomach.

SOCK-A-BYE BABY (1942): 1) To calm the crying baby, Larry makes a goofy face but it ends up scaring Curly. 2) Curly begins to sing "Japanese Band Man" to the baby, but stops in the middle of the song and says "What am I sayin'? Poo on the Japanese!" This was edited out for obvious reasons. 2) Curly tickling Moe's foot while asleep. 3) Moe sending Larry out to pick up groceries, followed by Curly accidentally squeezing Moe's head in between the refrigerator door. 4) Moe and Larry fitting Curly in a diaper made of tablecloth.

THEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943): Many television stations refrain from showing this short at all because of its extreme violence. This has shown up on Family Channel and, while a lot of the violent gags remained, the most violent scenes were cut: 1) Curly climbs up a telephone pole and his climbing spikes end up digging deep into Moe's eye and ear! 2) Curly gets electrocuted and Moe sticks a lightbulb in his ear, causing it to light up. Larry sticks a screwdriver in Curly's other ear and the lightbulb shatters. Two clips from this censored scene, however, made it into several of Family Channel's bumpers: a clip of Moe and Larry receiving an electric shock after touching Curly was shown as a "Wild Weekend" bumper, and a clip of Curly saying "This is confusing!" while on the telephone pole was shown in the "Stooge TV" opening sequence.

SPOOK LOUDER (1943): On AMC and Illinois' WCIU station, the part where Prof. Graves asks Curly is he's a "Jap spy" and Curly gets mad, but Moe calms him down by saying "He meant SAP, not Jap!"

BACK FROM THE FRONT (1943): 1) The first scene on the ship where the Stooges get seasick. 2) Each time Curly peeks out of a porthole, he gets splashed on water. 3) A German officer telling Curly to scrub the cannon, followed by Curly accidentally hitting the soldier on the head with the cannon swab.

HIGHER THAN A KITE (1943): 1) Moe getting hit in the face with a car jack repeatedly, followed by him monkeywreching Larry's nose in revenge. 2) When Moe is looking in the exhaust pipe, Curly starts the car, causing soot from the pipe to blow in Moe's eyes. Then Moe walks over to Curly, but Curly sees the black soot over his eyes and mistakes him for a burglar. 3) Curly's battle with the car hood.

I CAN HARDLY WAIT (1943): 1) Moe's brief reference to Japanese soldiers ("If those Japs ever knew how many planes we turned out today, their yellow jaundice would turn green"). 2) Curly stealing Moe's ham, then accidentally putting mustard on Moe's arm when he mistakes it for ham. 3) Curly singing "She Was Bred in Old Kentucky" while slicing bread.

DIZZY PILOTS (1943): The beginning of the reused BOOBS IN ARMS (1940) footage was cut up until around the middle of the marching scene (where all the soldiers start skipping like the Stooges).

PHONY EXPRESS (1943): The Stooges being asked to take over for Abdul's Medicine Show, and the first few parts of the medicine show. The edited version went from ink spilling all over one of the newspaper men's face to Curly and Larry inside the medicine wagon, making it seem like the Stooges were running the medicine show from the beginning.

A GEM OF A JAM (1943): Some parts at the beginning of the Stooges cleaning up the doctors' office. The edited version cuts from the opening shot of the doctors' office door to Curly dusting off a bust while Moe is sneezing off-camera.

CRASH GOES THE HASH (1944): Curly serving dog biscuits to Prince Shaam and Mrs. Van Bustle, accidentally dumping the plate of biscuits on a guest, trying to pitch lemonade, and putting ice in the drinks with his hands and getting scolded by the butler for it.

BUSY BUDDIES (1944): Curly is fixing four eggs on a stove. He lights the stove and then steps back and waits for the stove to jump, but it doesn't do it, so he continues cooking. The stove then finally jumps all of a sudden, causing the eggs in the pan to fly out and flop over Moe's eyes. Moe picks up a butcher knife and says to Curly "I'm gonna chop your ears off!!" Curly jumps on the counter to escape from Moe, but a spring pushes him all the way to the cash register and he hits his head on it.

THE YOKE'S ON ME (1944): Never aired on the Family Channel. They and many other stations banned this short because it deals with the now-controversial WWII issues of relocation centers and negative portrayal of the Japanese. The only two TV stations I've seen this aired on were UPN and WCIU, both in Illinois.

IDLE ROOMERS (1944): Moe and Curly end up locked in a room with Lupe the Wolfman. Moe gives Curly a trombone and orders him to play a tune to tame the Wolfman, but the music instead drives the Wolfman mad and he smashes the trombone into Curly's face.

GENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944): 1) Moe and Larry joining Curly in the bath. 2) The first scene at Manny Weeks' office, where the Stooges sing "We Just Dropped in to Say Hello" and the beginning of the Rat-Tat-Toodley-Day-Day song, including the parts where Larry imitates Hirohito, Curly imitates Mussolini, and Moe imitates Hitler. 3) The whole first half of the ladies' acrobatic dance act.

NO DOUGH BOYS (1944): The first few parts of the Stooges' acrobatic act.

BOOBY DUPES (1945): 1) The captain/boyfriend walking up to his wife at the beach and her asking him to get her an umbrella. 2) The first scene with the Stooges at the dock, with Curly accidentally pulling down a post and breaking it in half over Moe's head.

IDIOTS DE LUXE (1945): The Stooges arrive at the cabin and a bear eats the Stooges potatoes and eggs behind their backs, leading Moe to think that the other two Stooges were the ones who ate it.

IF A BODY MEETS A BODY (1945): 1) The Stooges first arrive at the mansion, drench Jerkington with their wet coats, and Curly flirts with the maid. 2) The lights go out suddenly and when Jerkington turns a candle on, he sees Curly standing on top of Moe and Larry in fear. 3) Jerkington gives the Stooges a room and explains that it's the same room where Curly's uncle was murdered in.

MICRO-PHONIES (1945): The Stooges throwing cherries into a singer's throat. This is similar to an edit in PARDON MY SCOTCH (1935).

BEER BARREL POLECATS (1946): 1) The reused scene from IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941). 2) Same edit as #3 in the SO LONG MR. CHUMPS (1941) entry, only it's AMC who made the edit this time.

A BIRD IN THE HEAD (1946): 1) Curly and Larry accidentally putting up wallpaper over Moe. 2) Curly and a gorilla drinking alcohol and their after-effects. This scene is also cut on AMC and Illinois' WCIU station.

UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946): This short has been banned from several stations because of the scene where the Stooges disguise in blackface and sing to distract the Union soldiers and steal their map. Family Channel has shown this short and even with that scene intact (it would be difficult to remove that scene anyway since the rest of the short wouldn't make much sense without it), but edited out the part with Moe and Larry changing into their Confederate uniforms in a barn.

THE THREE TROUBLEDOERS (1946): Moe has Curly put on bottle bottom-type glasses and tells him to read what's on a card, then has him shoot a cracker in Larry's hand.

THREE LOAN WOLVES (1946): 1) Larry attempting to throw water out of a window. 2) Curly making the baby's bottle. 3) Moe rocking the baby's carriage, kindly telling it to be quiet, followed by "…OR I'LL BREAK YOUR NECK!!!!" 4) There is a rumor going around that there is one part edited towards the end where the little boy triple slaps the Stooges, and some people claim to have seen the unedited version of that scene. After the little kid says "Oh, so you just moved in on me, eh?" there is a cut to the Stooges holding their faces in pain suddenly as if they got slapped, but I have seen no actual evidence that this scene exists. Every copy of this short that I've seen has no triple slap, even on channels that usually show every short uncut and even on the Columbia VHS tape, which never edits any shorts. I believe that the triple-slap was cut by the editors of the film itself before the short was released.

G.I. WANNA HOME (1946): The first half of Curly's "peeling the potato" routine, where he puts cream on the potato and begins shaving it.

RHYTHM AND WEEP (1946): 1) The Stooges dressed as ballerinas and introducing the ladies' ballerina act. 2) Most of the ladies' ballerina act.

FRIGHT NIGHT (1947): 1) Family Channel would go to commercial right in the middle of Shemp saying "If I only had some coffee!" The rest of Shemp's line overlapped with the dissolve to the next scene, so I guess that's why it was cut. However, they ruined a very funny line. 2) A lot of parts from the chase scene, including a bit where Moe knocks out Moose and uses him as a puppet to carry on a conversation with Big Mike.

HOLD THAT LION! (1947): The lion tickling Moe's foot while he's asleep.

BRIDELESS GROOM (1947): Several parts of Moe and Shemp's fight inside the phone booth, including one bit where Larry asks a woman if she'd like to marry Shemp. She takes one look at Shemp's ugly mug pressed up against the inside of the phone booth window then slaps Larry and takes off.

SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS (1947): 1) Moe making pancakes with the pants-presser machine. 2) Shemp laughing at the funnies in the newspaper, then being told by Moe to iron a pair of pants. 3) Shemp trying to iron the pair of pants. 4) Shemp accidentally poking Larry with a thread needle, and saying "Sorry; you stepped into me". 5) Shemp brushing the back of a man's jacket with a blade hidden in a brush, and the Stooges staring in surprise at the result of the man's jacket.

ALL GUMMED UP (1947): 1) The jumping beans scene. 2) The entire ending where the Stooges accidentally add bubble gum to a cake, then cough up bubbles after eating the cake. The edited version instead ended after the infant version of Mr. Flint fell on the floor and started crying. The removal of this scene also makes the title of this short meaningless. 3) On the syndicated Three Stooges series made by Comedy III that airs on some local stations (and aired on AMC for a short time), they cut out the part with Shemp and Larry kicking Moe in the behind as he walks in the laboratory, then Shemp walking into the lab backwards so Larry can't kick his behind. I have no idea why this was cut, since the syndicated series usually shows all the shorts uncut.

SHIVERING SHERLOCKS (1948): 1) Moe enters the kitchen as Shemp is fixing eggs on the stove. Shemp flips the eggs in the pan too far back causing them to flop over Moe's eyes and Shemp mistakes him for a burglar. Moe grabs pots and pans and throws them at Shemp, then begins to chase him out of the kitchen. The edited version cuts from Moe yelling after the soup is spilled down his back to Shemp and Moe running out of the kitchen. This left you to wonder how Moe suddenly got in the kitchen when he was just shown outside of it. 2) Moe's battle with a live clam in his clam chowder. 3) Shemp sees something hidden under a sheet and wonders what it is. Moe tells him that it's just a statue. Then as the Stooges look in another direction, the "statue" walks away!

PARDON MY CLUTCH (1948): 1) The entire scene where the Stooges practice setting up a tent inside of their house. 2) The brief shot of Claude driving his car up to the Stooges' house. No idea why that was cut.

FIDDLERS THREE (1948): 1) The "Little Miss Muffet" and "Simple Simon" parts of the nursery rhymes scene. 2) Most of the scene with the Stooges in the blacksmith's shop, including Shemp pumping a smelly bellow that cries "B.O.!", Larry having several horseshoes dropped on his head, and Moe accidentally horseshoeing Shemp's foot.

THE HOT SCOTS (1948): 1) Shemp accidentally pokes Moe in the behind with a pointy stick. Moe then crunches Shemp's nose with grass clippers, followed by him asking Shemp "What would ya rather have? A shoe full of dollar bills or two socks of fives?" Shemp answers "I'll take the two socks!" and Moe then socks Shemp in the eyes. 2) Larry cuts open a square on the grass and hides leaves in it, but Moe catches him. 3) Shemp saying Scottish terms in a southern accent, and Moe explaining to Earl that Shemp is from Southern Scotland, "below the McMason/McDixon line". 4) Earl taking a snifter.

HEAVENLY DAZE (1948): 1) The beginning of the scene inside I. Fleecem's office, including the parts where Shemp stops Moe from gypping Larry out of his money. The edited version just cut from the outside shot of Fleecem's office door to Fleecem yelling "That's enough of this nonsense!!" to Moe and Larry. This was very abrupt and there was no explanation of why he was yelling at Moe and Larry or why Shemp's ghost was suddenly in the office. 2) Spiffingham explaining to Moe and Larry that he's too scared to answer the door because he's afraid it's Shemp's ghost.

I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE (1948): 1) Moe romancing Shemp and Larry in his sleep while dreaming about his girlfriend. 2) Shemp chopping wood. 3) The scene with Shemp and the milkman.

MUMMY'S DUMMIES (1948): 1) Shemp asking the black slave to have his banana peeled and brought back. 2) The scene with Tutamon charging at Moe and Larry with a sword, but missing and sticking the sword through the wall, causing it to stab the king in the behind (who's on the other side of the wall), then Moe and Larry knocking Tutamon out was butchered noticeably in the edited version. They cut from Tutamon charging at Moe and Larry with his sword, to him already having his sword stuck in the wall and Moe and Larry knocking him out.

THE GHOST TALKS (1949): 1) The beginning with the Stooges entering the castle, including the part where Shemp does his "Desmond of the Outer Sanctorum" act. The edited version instead opened up with lightning striking in the background and Moe saying "I hate this castle! People said it was haunted...etc." 2) Moe thinks he's dreaming so Shemp, to prove he's awake, pokes him in the behind with a pin.

WHO DONE IT? (1949): 1) Larry opening a drawer and accidentally hitting Moe's head with it, followed Moe crunching Larry's hand in the drawer. 2) Shemp getting water squirted at him through the camera. 3) Moe looking at Larry's hair though a magnifying glass.

HOKUS POKUS (1949): 1) The shaving scene. 2) Larry looking for a bowl in a cabinet and getting splashed by water that was left in a bowl. 3) Shemp is fixing eggs on a stove and when Moe kicks him in the behind, Shemp throws the eggs to far back and they flop over Moe's eyes. This is similar to an edit in BUSY BUDDIES (1944) and SHIVERING SHERLOCKS (1948). 4) As the Stooges leave Mary's house and Shemp and Larry bump into the walls, Family Channel went to commercial right before Shemp says "Where ya goin'?!"

FUELIN' AROUND (1949): The entire carpet laying scene.

VAGABOND LOAFERS (1949): 1) After Shemp says "We gotta get a longer jeep!" when Moe and Larry take off without him, they cut him saying "Hey wait for me!" (apparently because this line overlapped with the dissolve to the next scene, which was cut) 2) The Stooges arriving at the party, pestering Mr. Allen, and eating refreshments without permission. 3) Like in A PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940), most of the scenes with the black chef in the kitchen.

DUNKED IN THE DEEP (1949): 1) The close-up of the Stooges handbills (reading "OLD HOLLAND CHEESE IN FIVE DELICIOUS FLAVORS: AMSTERDAM, ROTTERDAM, BEAVER DAM, BOULDER DAM, AND GIVA DAM") was shortened so that it only lasted 2 seconds. Either Family Channel thought the close-up was too long (they did usually edit out those extremely close-ups of maps in other shorts), or it was the "Giva Dam" joke they disliked and they shortened it so nobody could get the joke in time (though they left in the equally risqué "we sing for the 'halibut'" joke later in the short). 2) The whole scene with the Stooges stealing Bortch's salami. 3) Shemp trying to sleep on a hammock, then falling in a fiery bucket and burning his behind.

PUNCHY COWPUNCHERS (1950): 1) Sgt. Mullins mistakes Capt. Daley for one of the Stooges and whacks him in the behind with a wooden board. 2) Moe using Shemp's bottom lip as a bottle top opener. 3) Shemp ordering and drinking a milkshake to prove to the desperadoes that he's tough.

HUGS AND MUGS (1950): 1) The Stooges getting into a clothes-ripping argument with Christine McIntyre's character after they catch her tearing up the chair. 2) Christine's character tries digging through Moe's pocket to find pearls, but gets her finger caught in a mouse trap. 3) The file cabinet bit Nanette Bordeaux and Kathleen O'Malley's characters. 4) As Larry and O'Malley's character are sitting on a bench, Larry tells her a joke, then after he accidentally pushes her off the other side of the bench, Larry's side of the bench breaks and the other end hits him on the head.

DOPEY DICKS (1950): 1) The assistant warning Shemp and Larry not to leave because the professor "may need all of them". 2) The professor lunges towards Moe with a sword. Moe quickly jumps out of the way, and the sword goes through the wall, poking Larry (who's on the other side of the wall) in the behind, and sending him face-first into a sharp plant. 3) Moe having a brief conversation with the headless robot before he realizes who he's talking to. 4) A brief shot of Moe and Larry each running in two different rooms to hide from the professor's assistant. 5) Shemp tries to dial "Maine 2468" on the phone but he keeps forgetting the number. 6) Larry squeezing the assistant's head between two table halves.

LOVE AT FIRST BITE (1950): 1) Moe tries to get the gum off of his ear, but ends up getting it on his hair. 2) The horseshoe falls off the nail above the door again and hits Larry's head, but this time, it bounces back up and lands back on the nail. Larry looks at this in surprise, then closes the door and the horseshoe falls back off and hits him yet again. 3) After Moe finally wipes the gum off, Shemp accidentally bumps into him, causing the gum to now get stuck on Moe's nose. 4) The 2nd half of Moe's romance flashback, with him getting his hand stuck in a vase, then him and Katrina dancing and slipping on the wet floor. After the 1st half of Moe's flashback, they would go back to the Stooges in present time and half of Moe's line "That's how my romance started…" was missing as a result of the edit.

SELF MADE MAIDS (1950): 1) Each Stooge posing their girlfriend (played by another Stooge) for their portrait. 2) Moella accidentally sits on a sharp needle and Larraine and Shempetta have to pull it out of her behind. 3) Several parts of the chase scene between the Stooges and the father.

THREE HAMS ON RYE (1950): 1) Larry putting shaving cream on slices of lettuce, dunking them in water, hanging them up on clothespins, and then cutting the bottom halves off of them. 2) Shemp accidentally pouring flour on Moe's head, then Shemp and Moe getting into a brief flour fight.

STUDIO STOOPS (1950): 1) The first scene with the Stooges in this short was very badly edited. In the original version when they show the outside of the publicity department, and we hear Larry say "It's absolutely wonderful, it's terrific..." then the camera cuts to the inside of the room where we see the Stooges as exterminators and Larry finishes his line "…it's colossal, it's stupendous! You know, this is the best termite sprayer we ever used!" This is followed by Larry accidentally spraying Moe with the sprayer, then Shemp doing the "three watches" routine. Then the scene ends and we go the next scene with the Stooges changing into their normal clothes. The edited version shows the outside of the publicity department and we hear Larry say "It's absolutely wonderful, it's terrific…", then it suddenly cut to the Stooges putting on their clothes. They completely cut off the rest of Larry's line and you wonder what he was referring to. 2) The typewriter gags with the Stooges. The edit was done in a similar sloppy fashion to the previous scene: we see the outside shot of the "Special Publicity Apartment" door and we hear typewriters clicking in the background, then the camera cuts to inside the room where the two cops enter and the Stooges suddenly aren't even using the typewriters anymore. 3) Some of the parts with Shemp hanging out of the window, including a bit where Moe says "If you fall down, watch out for the traffic" and Shemp responds "It's okay; the green light's with me!"

SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS (1950): 1) Moe tries to poke Shemp in the behind with the knife that Mr. Grime sat on, but Shemp has a dinner plate inside the back of his pants. Shemp takes the plate out, sets it out on Moe's hand, and then fixes his lunch on it. When Shemp is done preparing the food, Moe smashes the whole plate into Shemp's face. 2) Larry sees popcorn shooting out of the exhaust pipe of the car and eats from it. Moe pushes him away and tries to eat the popcorn himself, but the popcorn stops and soot suddenly shoots out from the exhaust pipe, leaving him in blackface. Larry laughs when he sees Moe like that and jokingly asks "Why don't you sing 'Mammy'?" 3) One of the tires on the first customer's car explodes. Larry notices this, but continues on like happened. 3) The Stooges changing from their gas station uniforms into their normal clothes. 4) Larry getting his finger stuck in the door.

A SNITCH IN TIME (1950): 1) Shemp trying to paint the cuckoo clock. 2) The entire table-painting sequence.

THREE ARABIAN NUTS (1951): 1) Shemp accidentally drops one of Mr. Bradley's boxes and smashes the contents inside of it. As Shemp and Larry are wondering what Moe will do to them if he sees this, Moe sneaks up behind them and smashes their heads with vases. 2) Moe and Larry are holding opposite sides of a huge box. Moe walks away, but Larry continues carrying one side of the huge box all by himself. 3) Moe hits Mr. Bradley on the head with a cane by accident. Yet they left in a later scene where Mr. Bradley is wearing an ice pack on his head and says something about calling the police before something else happens to him. That part makes no sense without seeing Moe hit him with the cane. 4) When one of the Arabs is chasing Shemp, he swings his sword at Shemp, but Shemp ducks. When he comes back up, his heart is pounding noticeably and loudly. He looks at the Arab and says "I suppose you think I'm scared…" The Arab responds "Why, yes!" and Shemp says "You're right!" 5) The Arab accidentally drops his sword when he's chasing Shemp. The chase stops and Shemp kindly picks up the sword and hands it back to the Arab and the Arab thanks him, then the chase continues.

BABY SITTERS JITTERS (1951): 1) Shemp incorrectly reading ingredients and adding them into the soup. 2) Shemp does a handstand for a second time to make the baby stop crying. After Moe and Larry help him down, they discover a stolen alarm clock in his coat. 3) Moe catches Shemp with a bottle of liquor. Shemp says "You know, there's a thousand reasons why I shouldn't drink…and I can't think of one right now!" and proceeds to drink from the bottle. Moe takes the bottle and smashes it over Shemp's head.

DON'T THROW THAT KNIFE (1951): The opening scene after the opening disclaimer ("Any resemblance towards the Stooges and regular human beings…") is cut and instead goes to a scene that begins with Moe spit-shining Shemp's hair. What was cut was the Stooges entering the apartment building and practice taking the census by having Larry and Shemp play husband and wife. However in the edited version when Moe is spit-shining Shemp's hair, you can still hear audio from the beginning of the edited scene for a few seconds with the Stooges whistling.

SCRAMBLED BRAINS (1951): Shemp imagining he has three hands while playing the piano.

MERRY MAVERICKS (1951): 1) The opening scene with the Stooges deciding where they'll hide from the sheriffs. The edited version instead opened up with a shot of "Peaceful Gulch". 2) The Stooges meeting a cowboy named Cassidy and asking him what his first name is. 3) Some parts of the scene with the Stooges running away from the spooks, including the part where Larry slams a door and a bag of flour falls from above the door and hits him on the head.

THE TOOTH WILL OUT (1951): The opening scene with the Stooges getting thrown out of the dish store. The edited version instead opened up with the Stooges walking by a restaurant and stopping when they see a "Dishwashers Wanted" sign.

HULA-LA-LA (1951): 1) Varunu showing the Stooges his head collection and telling them that he will add their heads to the collection next. Yet they left in the following part where Moe says "We gotta figure a way out of this mess", which makes no sense with the previous part edited. 2) The entire scene with Moe and Larry trying to get a box of explosives from a 4-armed hydra.

PEST MAN WINS (1951): 1) Moe getting hit by a suitcase pushed by Shemp from under the bad, followed by Shemp throwing down the suitcase as Moe is climbing down a ladder, causing Moe to fall down. 2) The Stooges at the banquet table. 3) Shemp throwing a pie on the ceiling, followed by it falling down on a woman's face a few minutes later.

A MISSED FORTUNE (1952): Shemp peeks through the keyhole of their hotel door and sees the detective outside the door, staring right at him through the other side of the keyhole. Shemp then takes a pen and squirts ink through the keyhole and into the detective's eye. When Moe asks Shemp what he just did, Shemp demonstrates by squirting ink in Moe's face as well!

LISTEN, JUDGE (1952): 1) After the bowl of flour lands on the chef's head, they cut out a small part where Shemp yanks a wire in the wall and sending Moe on the other side of the wall (holding the other end of the wire) to bump face-first into the wall. 2) Shemp tries to test a doorbell by pressing it, but ends up getting electrocuted. To test the voltage, Moe puts a lightbulb in one of Shemp's ears and the bulb flickers on and off repeatedly Larry takes a screwdriver and shoves it deep into Shemp's other ear, shattering the lightbulb. This is similar to an edit in THEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943). 3) Shemp's turkey-stuffing sequence. 4) Shemp and Larry trying to stop the cake from floating in the air. 5) Shemp accidentally squirting icing onto Moe's face in the shape of a question mark.

CORNY CASANOVAS (1952): 1) Moe accidentally swallows tacks and Shemp and Larry have to get them out with a magnet. 2) On the syndicated Three Stooges series from Comedy III, after Moe stares in shock at the hammer that is now bent thanks to Shemp's hard head, they went to commercial and when they came back, they continued the short with Moe saying to Shemp "You idiot!" They completely left out the part in between where Moe says "Ya wrecked the hammer!"

HE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952): 1) Shemp accidentally spills water on his dog and tries drying him out. 2) Moe is hanging lights and decorations on a Christmas tree, but he falls down from the tree and accidentally swallows the lights, causing the inside of his stomach to light up. Moe's wife pulls the lights out of his mouth.

THREE DARK HORSES (1952): Most of the part with the Stooges acting like they're at a convention, followed by them doing the "about face" routine. The edit was done strangely: after Moe said "Vote for that Ham…Hammond Eggar" and bopped Shemp, the scene looked like it was going to do a fake fade to black, but it ended up doing a dissolve at the last minute to the close-up of the "Convention City" banner.

CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO (1952): 1) As Moe and Shemp are arguing, Larry drinks from Shemp's liquor jug off-camera, then we hear the loud after-effect noises and he says "Horrible, but I needed it!" 2) Carrie, Shemp's imaginary canary, first showing up. The edited version cut from Larry and Moe about to walk over to Shemp as we hear Shemp drinking loudly off-camera, to Shemp singing with Carrie. There's no explanation of how Carrie showed up or why Shemp suddenly isn't seen drinking anymore.

UP IN DAISY'S PENTHOUSE (1953): The beginning of the scene with the Stooges in the penthouse, including Larry beginning to mix the martini. The penthouse scene in the edited version instead began with Larry finishing mixing the martini, then accidentally spraying it in Moe's face.

BOOTY AND THE BEAST (1953): 1) The Stooges tricking the conductor into going into a woman's dressing room and him exiting from the room a few seconds later with a black eye, followed by the Stooges tripping him afterwards. 2) The entire scene with the black train porter. 3) Same as the edit in HOLD THAT LION (1947).

LOOSE LOOT (1953): 1) Moe and Larry coming back to (after being knocked out by Slipp), helping Shemp take the fishbowl off of his head, and finding a paper that says where Slipp is hiding. With that last part cut, you wonder how the Stooges knew where to find Slipp. 2) The whole "in-one-door-and-out-the-other" chase sequence.

TRICKY DICKS (1953): Moe trying to help Shemp "think".

SPOOKS! (1953): 1) Dr. Jekyll trying to chop Shemp and Larry's heads off but missing. 2) The skeleton-in-the-closet bit with Shemp. 3) Larry hides under a blanket. Shemp sees him, thinks it a ghost, and whacks Larry on the head with a chair. Larry retaliates by crunching Shemp's nose on his forehead.

PARDON MY BACKFIRE (1953): The beginning of the garage scene, including Moe having a battle with a tire that keeps squirting water at him, Shemp getting soot blown in his face from an exhaust pipe, and Larry having a wire shoved up is nose that sticks out of one of his ears.

RIP, SEW AND STITCH (1953): 1) See #1, 3, and 4 listed in the SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS (1947) entry. 2) Shemp threatens to "razor blade" Moe, but Moe instead cuts off a piece of Shemp's hair with the blade. 3) Shemp mistakes Moe for a burglar and bangs his head against the wall. After Shemp stops and realizes his mistake, Moe hits Shemp's hand and yanks his nose with a hammer.

BUBBLE TROUBLE (1953): Like in ALL GUMMED UP (1947), the cake/bubble gum eating scene was cut. And also like GUMMED, the title of this short loses its meaning without that scene.

GOOF ON THE ROOF (1953): 1) Moe mistakes a bar of soap for cheese and puts it in his sandwich. Yet they left in the later scene where he eats the sandwich and reacts to the taste in delight. In the edited version, you didn't know what's supposed to be funny about Moe liking the sandwich. 2) Larry throwing a feather duster through Shemp's ears, then puling it out.

INCOME TAX SAPPY (1954): 1) Moe trying to shave off the piece of hair glued to his face. 2) Larry cutting the bread in a spiral motion. 3) Shemp acting as a human calculator. 4) Larry's battle with a live lobster in his gumbo soup.

MUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954): Same edit as #2 in the FIDDLERS THREE (1948) entry.

PALS AND GALS (1954): 1) The entire card game sequence. 2) Some of the parts with Moe and Larry mixing the drink. 2) A monkey jumping on Shemp's head in the minstrel wagon scene, followed by a bucket falling over his head.

SHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954): 1) Shemp uses his suspenders as a slingshot and launches rocks over to the Noonan Bros., knocking one of them out. 2) Larry mistakenly adding balloons/bubble gum(?) to his rifle instead of bullets, and the predictable result when he tries to shoot.

SCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND (1954): 1) Same edit as #3 and 4 in THE HOT SCOTS (1948) entry. 2) A parrot climbs into a skull and flies off with it. Shemp and Moe see this and run away in fear.

FLING IN THE RING (1955): 1) Again, Family Channel inserted a commercial break at the point of the short during the reused FRIGHT NIGHT scene where Shemp says "If I only had some coffee!" after getting hit with a pie, but the line was removed entirely this time instead of just half of it. 2) The parts of the chase scene with Larry being chased in circles by one of the thugs, and Shemp trying to sneak past some boxes from Big Mike.

OF CASH AND HASH (1955): Shemp making chicken soup and accidentally spilling it down Moe's back. Yet they still left in the following part where Moe storms into the kitchen, pulls Shemp out, and starts slapping him around. The edited version left you wondering why Moe was so mad at Shemp.

GYPPED IN THE PENTHOUSE (1955): 1) Larry getting revenge on Moe and his wife by beating them up. 2) Shemp changing his clothes and thinking that the woman is getting changed behind the drape as well. 3) Shemp running under the bed before Moe and his wife come in the room. 4) A fish tank falls on Moe's head and Charlie smashes it off with a cane.

BEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955): Shemp whistling at the female angels that pass him by, followed by him getting struck in the behind by lightning.

WHAM-BAM-SLAM! (1955): 1) Shemp mistakes a powder puff for a pancake and eats it, followed by him coughing up powder. 2) Live lobsters fall inside of Shemp's footbath and crunch his toes when he puts his feet inside.

HOT ICE (1955): The Stooges search inside of a room for Dapper, but instead find an ugly man hidden under bed sheets.

BLUNDER BOYS (1955): 1) The Stooges each telling us which finger they are on the arm of the law. This was most likely cut because Larry holds up his middle finger when saying "I'm the second finger", though I doubt the middle finger was really meant in profanity. 2) The entire handcuff practice scene.

CREEPS (1956): The beginning of the Stooges' bedtime story where the Stooges enter the castle, including the part where Shemp does his "Desmond of the Outer Sanctorum" act. The bedtime story instead begins with lightning striking in the background and Moe saying "I hate this castle! People said it was haunted...etc." This was also edited out in THE GHOST TALKS (1949), where the footage was originally used in.

RUMPUS IN THE HAREM (1956): 1) The girls wringing out their tear-drenched hankies and spraying Moe and Larry with it. 2) The first scene at the restaurant with the Stooges accidentally spilling plates of food all over Hassan Ben Sober and Ginna Rumma. 3) Moe and Larry getting beat up by two harem girls.

HOT STUFF (1956): The Anemian official opens a globe, takes out a bottle of liquor and drinks from it, then coughs up smoke.

COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN (1956): Moe and Larry mistake a cardboard fish for a real fish and steal it. After they and Bortch have a hard time eating it afterwards, they cough up sawdust.

A MERRY MIX-UP (1957): The entire ending chase between the waiter and each set of Stooge triplets, then the waiter hitting himself on the head with a butcher knife afterwards in disbelief when he sees all 3 sets of triplets at the same time. The edited version instead ended with the waiter accidentally running right into the door after the Stooges shut it.

SPACE SHIP SAPPY (1957): The Amazon women tickling the Stooges feet.

GUNS A POPPIN! (1957): 1) Same as the IDIOTS DE LUXE (1945) entry. For this version, Family Channel would cut from the outside shot of the cabin where you can hear Moe saying "Okay, grub is ready. C'mon, sit d…" then suddenly cut to the inside of the cabin after the potato/bear scene, completely cutting off the rest of Moe's line. 2) Joe and Larry mistake Moe for a bear and shoot him in the behind. With this cut, it doesn't make much sense why Moe is so angry at the two afterwards.

HORSING AROUND (1957): 1) Larry falls into a huge mud hole while leading Bertie, Moe, and Joe in a wagon like a horse. 2) The first scene with the Stooges and Bertie in the cabin, with Moe and Larry trying to find wood to light a fire.

QUIZ WHIZZ (1958): 1) While they still showed Joe taking a bite out of the cigar, and later, the after-effects of him swallowing it, all the shots of him actually eating the cigar were removed. 2) The Stooges overhearing Montgomery and his assistant talking about putting rat poison in the Stooges' food to kill them.

FIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958): Moe and Larry's romance flashbacks.

PIES AND GUYS (1958): 1) The Stooges doing their Amalgamated Association of Morons chant. 2) The Stooges meeting Prof. Quackenbush's daughter. 3) The beginning of the dinner table scene, including Moe and Larry flirting with the daughter, and Joe putting on lipstick.

OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL (1958): The entire scene with the Stooges at the cabin.

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